“The Floating Chair”


Jaana Felicitas is a dancer and magician. She is combining her professionel repertoire with new illusions.

Jaana Felicitas is working against the laws of physics and can produce ice with her bare hands. A white chair is floating around in thin air, following her every movement like a magical dance partner. This commonly known object is becoming alive and develops a close relationship to her. Through the combination of dance-movements and the wonderful ways of magical effects, a worlwide unique pas de deux has been developed.

The artist from Stuttgart worked very closely with the magician Topas on this act for about two years. Jaana Felicitas´ knowledge as a dancer and choreographer and the expertise of Topas in creating original magic acts, allow a very impressive combination of two different artistic genres. Eberhard Riese, one of the most experienced producers of magical shows in the german area supported the development of this magical choreographie.

Jaana Felicitas´act premiered in June 2018 at the „Renitenztheater“ in Stuttgart and is going to be shown at different festivals and competitions in Germany and other countries.